Live Music

Throughout the Chocolate Festival, you'll also find some fantastic music from York's Little Festival of Live Music - Buskathon! We're thrilled that they've been able to put together a great line up!

Friday 25th March

11am: Leather'o

12pm: Pen and Stu

1pm: Gracie Falls

2pm: David Ward Maclean

Saturday 26th March

11am: The Bronze

12pm: Red Sky

1pm: Sam Firth

2pm: Simon Bolley

Sunday 27th March

11am: Smith n Wallace

12pm: Kitty VR Music

1pm: Gobbledigook

2pm Maggie Wakeling

Monday 28th March

11am Carrie Martin

12pm: Dave Gorman Music

1pm: Mulholland

2pm: Boss Caine